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Adress: 310 S Main St, Graham, NC 27253

Phone: (336) 570-1877

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  • Nai M.

    star star star star star 27 November 2020

    Food is hot and fresh. They are fast considering they are extremely busy! Been here three times out of 7 days. Good food!!

  • Sam J.

    star star star star star_border 18 November 2020

    Okay, after this morning's meal, I'm kind of impressed.
    "Impressed with what, Sam?"
    Well, the food is pretty good.
    The coffee, with the addition of a generous amount of French vanilla creamer and sugar, ain't half bad either. No, really, it's pretty decent.

        I guess what caught my attention was their composure in the eye of the hurricane.
    "What you mean 'hurricane,' Sam?"

        When I rolled in, mmm mmm mmm, Sweet Georgia Brown, there was a line clear out to the highway, easily twelve to fifteen cars in the drive-thru line. The inside was maybe a quarter full. There was one person ahead of me in line. The trainee that I mentioned in my previous review, although tiny and meek, she's got her act together, son. That kitchen was running like a well oiled machine. The manager had this confident smile on his face. I noticed him take two or three BOX LOADS of food out to one customer's car, including two gallons of OJ, y'all. Evidently someone was treating the office to breakfast.

        The only thing that I saw amiss, was the person in front of me received ONE slice of bacon with their combo meal. Miss thang looked at this scarcity of bacon and said, "oh, hell no, uh uh. What is wrong with this picture?" An assistant manager at the counter grabbed more bacon and gave her what she should have received initially, and then he spilled her gravy onto her tray. I thought there was going to be an ass whooping, but nice looking, crispy bacon, tends to have a calming effect on the populace. "Whew!," I breathed a sigh of relief.  For a second, I thought someone's weave was gonna get snatched off they head. True dat.

        When I stepped out the door to make my way to our office, all the cars in the line were, "poof, gone like Keyser Söze ."  There was no one in the order line, inside or outside. An employee was restocking the dining room utensils. I would have sent her back out with a broom and dustpan, but that's just me.  

        My sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit and a small coffee (it looked pretty large to me) cost $4.60. This is my new go to breakfast joint in Graham. Biscuitville has go it going on, y'all. Until they try to slide me one piece of bacon that is, then we've got a problem. LOL!

  • Dwayne D.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 18 November 2020

    typically I have good experiences at Biscuitville. This is my second time at this location. At first I thought this location may be experiencing a bad day. My second visit was worse than the first.

    Eggs - cold. A very small portion. No flavoring.
    Hash browns - somewhat like the McDonalds version but a bit larger and rounder. Mine was cold and very difficult to chew.
    Pancakes - how can you go wrong on pancakes? this location seemed to excel on making a bad pancake. Very dry and luke warm.
    Sweat tea - if you are in the south and cannot make sweat tea, then you perhaps should close the doors. It's a staple item at any food location. This location failed completely in the tea department. It was old and rancid tasting. As if the tea dispenser needed perhaps a good cleaning.

    The location on both visits needed a good cleaning and wiping down. The staff was not rude, but not very inviting or friendly either.

  • Mike B.

    star star star_border star_border star_border 10 November 2020

    Would have been 2 and a half for service recovery, but there are no halves.
    I waited 20 minutes after the drive thru window for them to bring my order out. When I was at the window, I was asked to pull up, because my pancakes were cooking. After fifteen minutes I called them on the phone and was told that I was now waiting for a pot of grits to cook.
    If they had let me know that it was going to be more than five minutes before my food was ready, I would have changed my order.
    They did give me a coupon for a free drink and biscuit, but they should learn to let customers know about extended wait times. I know through customer service training that people who wait a longer time with an appropriate explanation are more satisfied than people who do not wait as long with no explanation.
    Bottom line, just let people know when they will have to wait, allowing them options.

  • Kristin U.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 31 October 2020

    Came to NC from NJ for two days, and thought we should get something traditionally southern for breakfast.  So, the biscuit was OK.  Nothing out of this world, but better than KFC.  But hygiene is clearly not a priority here.  The cashier was super sweet, no doubt, but while she was taking our order, she let out a hearty, phlegmy cough directly into her hand.  Gross!  Then she said something like, "Doesn't sound too good!" (or similar).  Then she DID NOT sanitize, wash her hands, etc.  I snatched up the bag with my biscuit pretty quickly, but the cashier wrapped her hand around my mom's coffee cup, while I died a little inside.  Again, the lady was really nice, but I just have to believe this must violate some sort of health code.  There seem to be a lot of other options, so skip this place, as one cough may not be serious (though it may be), but who knows what else happens there.

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